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Be it commercials or other branded content for our clients, it means ambitious, no-compromise, borderline mental attention to quality and hey, for us it’s just integrity in our craft.


Silent Paprika Films is a Helsinki, Finland based creative production company driven by a passion to create something memorable. Something you want to rewatch, not skip.

Check out some of our high light projects below
and more on our Vimeo account.

Showreel featured on video design awards.

R&A Shorts:
Cut to the Chase

It was a great honor to work with the prestigious festival that has nurtured our creative thirsts for years.

Client: Helsinki International Film Festival
Concept + Directed + Produced by Silent Paprika Films


Quad Cortex

Our good friends at Neural DSP craft some of the most cutting edge music technology right here in Helsinki. We are proud of being able to deliver content that reaches their standards and speaks to their core audience the world over!

Client: Neural DSP
Concept + Directed + Produced by Silent Paprika Films


One Day You’re
Going To Die

We were commissioned to come up with the most bonkers concept for a brand film that would have nothing to do with what the company actually does. I think we can all agree we succeeded.

Client: Giosg
Concept + Directed + Produced by Silent Paprika Films


As Light As It Gets

We wanted to create a piece that visualizes the monumental sound that these products achieve, while still being one of the lightest units available. Experimenting with different materials responding to sound waves we came up with some unique visuals.

Client: Darkglass Electronics
Concept + Directed + Produced by Silent Paprika Films


Antiques Roadshow Finland

Creating a fresh new intro for one of the longest running shows in Finland was a huge honor. In our concept, we wanted to emphasize that there is a story behind every common item that’s passed from one person to the other.

Client: ITV Studios Nordic
Concept + Directed + Produced by Silent Paprika Films


Trusted by large agencies and working regularly with household brands.

So go on, join the gang.

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