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We want to bring something of value to the world.

Directors Henna Välkky and Samuel Häkkinen are in the heart of it all, with a forte in dark cinematic and stylized narratives where they play with experimental visuals. Over the past ten years, they have directed a multitude of short films, music videos and commercials forming the perfect team: Creatively pushing each other to the limits and broadening each others perspectives.

Their films have been shown in over 50 international film festivals around the globe including acclaimed Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Cinequest and Lübeck. Their music videos for many high profile Finnish and international acts now count millions of views online.

Verdict 30.001:
The Cookies

Päätös n:o 30001 - Short Fiction

The average adult makes around 35 000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Each decision carries certain consequences - both good and bad. Even if it’s just about a box of cookies.

Written and Directed by Henna Välkky and Samuel Häkkinen


We Are in a Dream (2018)

Me olemme unessa - Animated Documentary Short

There is a line of men chasing us through a city where we can’t run. The escape is grueling, our feet are wet and we drown deeper. We are not afraid, we have seen this before. This film is based on personal recordings of people narrating their own recurring dreams.

Written and Directed by Henna Välkky and Eesu Lehtola


Taas Tuntemaan

Music Video

The lyrics are about songs never written, so that birthed the idea of scenes from films that will never be made. These characters of non existing films gather for a secret meeting from their authors.

Written & Directed by Samuel Häkkinen


ERika sirola:
all in my head

Music Video (Alternative version)

Shot on 6 different cheapo cameras for that authentic crunchy lofi aesthetic in Pasila, Helsinki during the snowiest & chilliest days of 2020

Written & Directed by Henna Välkky and Samuel Häkkinen



Music Video

There is an old saying in the film business: never work with children or animals. Well, we don’t see the problem.

Written & Directed by Henna Välkky



Music Videos

These companion pieces were shot during our travels over several years and continents - in the videos are glimpses from Italy, Morocco, USA, Russia, Japan, Mongolia, West Sahara and China.

Written and Directed by Henna Välkky and Samuel Häkkinen

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