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Darkglass & Neural DSP

Our good friends at Darkglass Electronics & Neural DSP craft some of the finest pieces of music  technology right here in Helsinki and we are proud of being able to deliver them marketing content that reaches their standards and speaks to their core audience of metalheads and like the world over! Together we have produced at least a dozen different videos including product launches, tutorials and even the occasional jam sesh piece.

Telia / TBWA Helsinki

We have created a good deal of content for Telia across different social media platforms, one of the highlights being a short docu series in Europe following Alma in her tour trail that we did in co-op with TBWA Screen.

Nissan / TBWA Helsinki

Nissan called on us to embark on a journey to capture material from 23 events around Scandinavia where different records involving cars where broken and lasting friendships across nations made. The end results was 23 videos and a whole lot of material for the client.

Tikkurila Festival

Every year people from all over Finland flock to the south for a festival with the biggest selection of domestic acts, yeah we're not talking about Flow, but Tikkurila Festival! We have created the Official After Movie for the event on two occasions and thanks to Antti Tuisku, new worlds have opened for us spiritually.

SongHi / Educational Video Series

Who said educational videos have to be boring? Well probably no one, but they usually are. We went for a different approach. We created the whole concept and production for all in all 10 episodes that were made in three languages.

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