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We Are In A Dream

Animated Documentary Short


There is a line of men chasing us through a city where we can’t run. The escape is gruelling, our feet are wet and we drown deeper. We are not afraid, we have seen this before. This film is based on personal recordings of people narrating their recurring dreams.

Festival selections:

Official Selection Tampere Film Festival, Tampere Finland 2018 
Official Selection Atlanta Film Festival, Atlanta USA 2018 
Official Selection Animatricks, Helsinki Finland 2018
Official Selection Blue Sea Film Festival, Rauma Finland 2018
Official Selection Red Carpet Film Festival, Hyvinkää Finland 2018
Official Selection Turku Animated Film Festival, Turku Finland 2018
Official Selection Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy, Helsinki Finland 2018 
Official Selection Pori Film Festival, Pori Finland 2018

Official Selection Big Muddy Film Festival, Illinois USA 2019

Official Selection Film Front International Short Film Festival, Novi Sad Serbia 2018

Official Selection Factual Animation Film Festival, London UK 2018

Official Selection Athens International Film and Video Festival, Ohio USA 2019

Official Selection YksiKaksiFilmi, Stockholm Sweden 2019

Official Selection Tehran International Short Film Festival, Tehran Iran 2019

Official Selection Vienna Independent Film Festival, Vienna Austria 2019

Official Selection Prague Independent Film Festival, Prague Czech Republic 2019


Best Experimental Film Prague Independent Film Festival, Prague Czech Republic 2019

Honorable Jury Mention Dada Shaheb Phalke Film Festival, India 2019


A film by Henna Välkky & Eesu Lehtola


Music & sound design by Simo Pitkänen


Thank you for sharing your dreams,

Samuel Häkkinen
Janne Häkkinen
Pentti Järvelin
Katja Korhonen
Merita Lehtola
Joonas Rautkari
Mikko Suomalainen
Pirjo Välkky
Anni-Maria Örmälä-Odegrip
& Anonymous dreamers


Special thanks to Anne Lindholm-Kärki

English translation by Samuel Häkkinen

This film was supported by Koneen Säätiö

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